Sabrina Peña Young


Composer and Filmmaker

What do you get when you mix a drummer girl with a nerd? Yours truly!

When I was a kid I loved making weird music on old MIDI sequencers and an old school Casio organ, at the same time I grew up in a family that proudly played a "Star Wars Christmas Album" every year and had a somewhat creepy fascination with the Addams' Family, not that we were weird or anything. Ok, maybe we were.

But all of that gave birth to my love for great films and my love for music! I love how music can really make a film feel dramatic or horrific or fun or scary or romantic. As a composer, I can write almost any type of music — from freaky soundtracks that give you nightmares (no, really, they do!) to sweeping dramatic scores that bring tears to your eyes. I can write rock, pop, and Latin jazz — great for those mystery films! And of course, I'd give my right kidney to write nothing but sci-fi soundtracks from morning to night.

I'm happy to bring the animation community some really great music. So check it out and let me know what you think!

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Dark Church of the Undead
Eight Outstanding Royalty-Free Soundtracks — SHADOWS RISING TO THE DARK Death lurks in the old churchyard, the voices of a thousand lost souls engulf you as the slowing ticking of time brings chilling ho..
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