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Hello ladies, hi guys,

welcome to Currently it's just about me . I'm Arthur V. Kuhrmeier and my passion are movies. Not just watching them gives me pleasure, but making films in particular. I remember when I saw the first 3D images in the 1980s, and I thought: "Wow, I wanna make something like this, too." But back then computers were in the early stages of development. So, no chance for me to achieve any 3D creations.

Luckily meanwhile some time went by, and computers became highly sophisticated tools. Nowadays the only thing you need is patience and persistence to create your own 3D images and even films, e.g. with the awesome blender.

Animation and machinima

Watching the film Archon Defender in 2010 made a real difference in my life. Mainly, because of the end credits of filmmaker David T. Krupicz where he wrote:

"Why not make your own film? (I did.. it's easy ;)"

These words tortured me. Yeah, why not make my own film? I wanted to do this since high school. The only question was: How? I searched the internet for days looking for a suitable software giving me all the freedom I need. I tried lots of different apps, but still I was not satisfied.

After a few months I restarted my online search and suddenly found a piece of software that I mysteriously missed the first time: Moviestorm. Bang! In 2011 I started to play with the app and immediately caught fire! It was easy to use and yet powerful, giving me the freedom to concentrate on what I want to make: a film.

This was the first time I heard about machinima, a portmanteau of machine and cinema. The first films created were the so called "Quake movies" made from the first-person shoter "Quake". Soon more machinimists presented their creations from various games. A new genre was born.

Digging deeper

Moviestorm is the only machinima software that allows real directing and camera work, just like 3D animation software. To break the limitations that come with an easy-to-use app I started to learn blender — the notorious steep learning curve is only steep in the beginning. Once you caught the concept of blender it gets easier and easier.

Now I have the perfect couple: Moviestorm and blender, a true love story — at least for me. It is perfect for making films and it is perfect for creating new addons with blender for Moviestorm.

Expect a lot

On this website you can browse the growing stock of everything for 3D, animation and machinima. Addons for Moviestorm just mark the beginning. I'm very happy that I could already add the audio section. If you are an artist in any of these areas I offer you to sell your artwork here on extras/how-to-become-an-artist

Love and success, Arthur

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