How to become an Affiliate

Why become an Affiliate at

Every web shop has to make money. But more important is the propulsion. This shop is driven by my passion for movies and animation. Only products that are of high quality so I would buy them myself will be added to the collection.

What does this mean for you?

Recommending should make you feel safe. You can be assured that I won't sell crap just to make a few bucks. Only satisfied customers come back. I stand behind the products so that you can stand behind your recommendation.

Here is quick overview of what you can expect from

  • Promotion tools for banners and ads
  • No costs for you
  • Attractive commission
  • 100 days long-life cookie
  • Promise to "High Quality" for satisfied customers
  • Self-promotion with "Support me" button
  • Speak to one person
  • Always open to new ideas

How much can you earn on

Okay, I wanna be honest with you. Don't expect to get rich within three months. No need to feel down, though. Remember: is still young, but driven by the passion for films. My goal is to grow this business steadily, step by step. And you can be part of the growth.

Let's talk about your commission. You will get 30% of every sale. I believe that's a good deal. This shop might have great products, but without anybody to buy them, everything counts for naught.

I know the importance for advertising and I want to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts of bringing customers to

Let's get started

Simply fill out the quick application "affiliate-register" and you're good to go.

Let's create opportunities together.

Love and success,