How to become an Artist

What Art may I sell on

"All for your films, Cowboy" — that's the motto. So, everything that is related to film, animation, 3D, machinima in any way. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

You can be a videographer who loves to film just everything. Filmmakers often need scenes that they can't film themselves, e.g. landscapes, slow-motion, explosions, etc.

You may be an animationist who loves to render real-life sequences, or more cartoon-like animations, or animated backgrounds, or… you name it.

Maybe you are a composer who loves to create new pieces. Or you are a musician or a singer. Music is always needed in films. And filmmakers not often have the budget to hire an orchestra.

You may be a photographer, illustrator, or designer. Stills are also needed in films, be it real photographs or illustrations.

There are lots of applications filmmakers need content for. Not only Moviestorm, a great app for machinima animation, but also highly sophisticated 3D animation like blender, cartoon-based animation like Anime Studio, or game engines like Unity — and let's not forget all the editing software available.

Why become an Artist at

Every web shop has to make money. But more important is the propulsion. This shop is driven by my passion for movies and animation.

What does this mean for you?

If you share the same passion for the art you do you can expect great support. Every product comes with an intro or presentation video because it is much more fun to watch a short video than reading tons of text .

Here is quick overview of what you can expect from

  • Great support
  • Promotion tools: product video, affiliate support
  • No set up fee and no monthly costs
  • Attractive commission
  • Promise to "High Quality" for satisfied customers
  • Speak to one person who is fully involved in the product creation
  • Always open to new ideas

How to sell your Artwork at

To start you fill out a simple application here: "affiliate-register". I'll then have a look at the art you've already created. But you don't have to wait for me. If you have an idea just contact me, I love to hear from you.

The next step is to work out a pilot product together. This can be developing a basic idea, or maybe you already have music, photos, animations, models, etc. on your hard drive waiting anxiously to meet the world.

Even though all products are juried doesn't mean I judge you whether you're good or bad. That's not the issue. My concern is offering products of high quality. But don't worry, I'm here to help.

Once the pilot product was added to the library you can log in to your Artist Account you edit your products' description, and easily send me a request for further changes (the setup requires a shop administrator).

How much can you earn on

Okay, I wanna be honest with you. Don't expect to get rich within three months. No need to feel down, though. Remember: is still young, but driven by the passion for films. My goal is to grow this business steadily, step by step. And you can be part of the growth.

Come on, Cowboys and Cowgirls — did you think it was easy to settle down in the Wild West? Nope, but it was a huge opportunity, and all pioneers were also driven by their passion. They could do it — so can we!

Let's talk about your commission. It depends mostly on how ready for download your artwork is. The promise to customers is High Quality. If there is anything that needs improvement we can surely work it out together. I want you to succeed.

The second factor is whether you offer me your artwork exclusively or not. As you are the artist and owner of your artwork you can sell it anywhere you like. On and on any other website. But I guess you understand that the exclusive right to sell something is more attractive to the store and therefore you can expect a higher commission.

Let's talk numbers. Let's say your artwork is ready and requires no or little corrections you may get a commission between 50—70%. In case you need my help to improve the quality it might be between 40—50%. I know, this is not very precise, but it's almost impossible to tell unless there is a real product we're talking about. Always keep in mind that bears conversion and payment fees which are about 10% from the selling price.

Let's get started

Just try me, let's create a great opportunity together.

Apply here: "affiliate-register".

Love and success,