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Exclusive Special Price AVK AVKit
Old tricks are the best. In the 1930s filmmakers already used a screen in the back to run a film. But filming the film resulted in a poor contrast. Luckily ..
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Exclusive Extra Quality AVK Hairdresser
7 awesome male morph hair — WHAT EVERY MAN WANTS… MORPHABLE HAIR Moviestorm's hair cut were designed for the standard head only. We know that. But what if you have a cartoon charac..
$ 23.99
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Exclusive Extra Quality AVK Hairstylist v2
Easily Create New Hairstyles with Ultimate Hair Morphs — PRETTY FACE — BUT THE HAIR DON'T FIT… Moviestorm's morph sliders make it even easier to create new heads. There's not only the universal head — or even be..
$ 15.99
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Exclusive Extra Quality AVK Heads Ahead
CREATE EVEN MORE INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERS The universal head is one of Moviestorm’s greatest features but still lacks some attributes. With the time computers got..
$ 14.99
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Exclusive Extra Quality AVK Who-Drivers
A FAN IN NEED OF HELP Antoni1990 from the Moviestorm forums asked me to help him out in making the Sonic Screwdrivers from Dr. Who usable in Moviestorm. The mo..
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Dark Church of the Undead
Eight Outstanding Royalty-Free Soundtracks — SHADOWS RISING TO THE DARK Death lurks in the old churchyard, the voices of a thousand lost souls engulf you as the slowing ticking of time brings chilling ho..
$ 69.90
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Heads Pack for Happy & Horror Head v2
Use Chris Ollis' Addons with AVK Heads Ahead — FOR CLARIFICATION This addon was made by Arthur V. Kuhrmeier, but it is not really a new addon. It is more an extension to make the work from Chris Olli..
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Exclusive Extra Quality Modern Life v2
4 Impossible Scene Sets for Moviestorm — ENJOY THE MODERN LIFE Create new episodes with your favorite characters in one of four brand-new scene sets. Tell your next family drama, create your own s..
$ 8.99
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